A step towards healthy crop

Our Work

  • Farmer Name :- Mr. Gopalrao Gajbhiye

    Connected Since:- July 2018

    Crop Type :- Paddy and cotton
    Bhumitra Role :- Testings, Product, Consultancy and marketing support


    Crop Yield :- Increases by 18% (Organic)

    Production Cost:- Before :- Rs. 7200/ Acre

    Production With Bhumitra :- Rs. 4300/Acre

  • Farmer Name :- Mr. Bablu Bawankar

    Connected Since:- Jan 2019

    Crop Type :- Vegetables and Cotton
    Bhumitra Role :- Product , Services and marketing Support


    Effect on crop :- Provide insect protection

    Production Cost:- Before :- :- Rs. 8300/ Acre

    Production With Bhumitra :- :- Rs. 5200/Acre

  • Farmer Name :- Mr. Diwakar Milmile

    Connected Since:- March 2018

    Crop Type :- Oranges
    Bhumitra Role :- roduct, Consultancy and marketing support


    Crop Yield :- Increases by 20% (Organic)

    Production Cost:- Before :- Rs. 12000/ 100 plant

    Production With Bhumitra :- Rs. 7600/100 plant


Rahul Satpute

Managing Director

Rahul commenced his journey with Bhumitra in the year 2018. Rahul set up Bhumitra Laboratories And Soilcares that collects organic Agri-waste and convert it into a range of Agri-input materials such as organic fertilizers, manure, bio-fertilizers, pest controller, plant growth promoter, and waste decomposes. He had developed a ‘BHUMITRA Biodynamic Compost’ machine for production. He is also helping farmers by providing services such as soil testing, water testing, organic farm consultancy, and organic agriculture certification.